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Our puppies

Bouvier Bernois chiots avec enfant - Bernese Mountain Dog puppies with kidAll our bernese mountain dog puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered, vaccinated, dewormed, and they are preciously examined by an excellent vetenarian. We offer a COMPLETE 3 YEAR GARANTY for all genetic problems that could occur.

All our bernese mountain dog puppies are raised and socialized as part of the family in our home, with young kids, other dogs and cats . From birth to adoption, we show them everything they have to know about life as a companion dog: everyday noises (vacuum, tv, door bell, phone ringing, kids playing, sometimes running and screaming, etc.), house training is started, we show them to make the difference of furniture and their toys, grooming, bath, blow-dryer, etc. A GOOD socialization to family life, starting at birth, is very important for optimal puppy development for them to grow up as a well-raised easy to train and fun living family dog.

Imagine a human baby locked up in a room for his first year (eqals the first 2 months of life of a puppy) , no stimulations, no socialization to family life, Would this baby have the same development and temperament as a baby who is stimulated to different situations, who is cared for, socialized to different people and animals, living multiple life experiences?

Choose your breeder wisely and don't adopt from pet shops! 
Chiot Bouvier bernois - Bernese mountain dog puppies

Our puppies are adopted with their health booklet, CKC registrations, 4 generation pedigree, a CD-ROM filled with photos of your puppy from birth to adoption, photos and health clearances of both parents, including lots of information on the breed and helpful tips to help with the new arrival and education of your puppy. Not forget to mention, our help and tips are free and available for the whole life of your dog, we can help on education, nutrition, health, we will always be there to help our families...

We garanty that we offer the BEST start to all our puppies, so they will grow up to be the BEST companion family dogs. Our dogs and puppies are fed with the best TOP quality nutrition on the market, and I raise my puppies for them to be at their maximum potential so they can live full HAPPY lives with their families!
Bouvier Benois chiot avec enfant - Bernese Mountain Dog pups with children
Chiot Bouvier Bernois en adoption - Bernese Mountain dog puppies for adoption



Next available 'Belnois Bernese Mountain Dog' puppies for adoption are expected:

Our next puppies are expected to be born May/June 2018!

We still plan to have available spots for reservations for puppies that would be ready for adoption in  Summer / Fall 2018!

Contact-Us to secure your spot on the 'Belnois' Wait list for our futur puppies !

See information about expected litters on the Puppy Adoption page.
Puppy Adoption


Contact-Us !

Usually our puppy waiting list fills up quickly (check availability at Puppy Adoption page), if ever you do not wish to wait for a 'Belnois' bernese mountain dog puppy (despite that the wait is greatly worth it!), here are some tips:

To help you find a good breeder of Bernese mountain dogs, I HIGHLY recommend to ONLY refer to the breeders member of Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada (BMDCC), and/or Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario (BMDCO or BMDCSWO) and/or  Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Quebec (CQBB) , see our page  Links. Choose a puppy from OFA certified parents, minimum free of hip and elbow dysplasia (preferrably also tested for eyes, heart, Vwb, DM and more), and finally I would recommend to prefer a family raised puppy over a kennel raised puppy.

These tips will help you find a quality Bernese Mountain Dog puppy that will make your family happy!

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